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08/15/08 - Cleaning, renovating and passivating stainless steel in an environmentally friendly manner

PROTECT-Cleaner by POLIGRAT cleans, de-rusts and passivates stainless steel in a single operation without harming the environment with dangerous chemicals or vapours.

PROTECT-Cleaner reliably removes dirt, lime deposits, rust and ferritic contamination which could later lead to stainless steel corrosion. At the same time the corrosion resistance of the treated surfaces is noticeably improved. In contrast to pickling PROTECT-Cleaner does not attack the surfaces themselves and is also suitable for polished surfaces.

Protect-Cleaner is non-toxic, biologically degradable and authorized for use in the food sector. No vapours, gases or smells are produced during use.

PROTECT-Cleaner has a strong passivating effect and noticeably improves the corrosion resistance of the treated surfaces. In order to achieve an optimal passivation, the application time should be at least three hours. Longer periods are not harmful.

PROTECT-Cleaner is suitable for both the final cleaning after production and assembly and for renovation and regular cleaning and maintenance. With the exception of chromium-manganese steels, PROTECT-Cleaner is suitable for the treatment of all stainless steels with a chromium content of at least 16%. Only scale or heat tinting must be pickled beforehand or mechanically removed.

PROTECT-Cleaner is a liquid. It is applied by wiping, immersing or spraying the surfaces to be cleaned at room temperature in accordance with the instructions. In the case of severe contamination or surface rust the cleaning effect can be enhanced by wiping or rubbing with a non-abrasive cloth or sponge. The cleaned surfaces should then be washed down with water.

PROTECT-Cleaner is supplied ready for use. It is non-toxic, is not a dangerous substance and is biologically degradable. There are no special regulations or restrictions governing its use.
Photos: Cleaning of a contaminated and rusted stainless steel surface

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