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06/12/08 - Electrpolishing of Small Precision Parts

"POLIBOX" is a new, patented equipment system by POLIGRAT GmbH for the electropolishing and deburring of small precision parts. It combines the advantages of the processing of single components on contact frames with the processing of bulk goods in drums, without the disadvantages of either system:

  • The parts are put loose into the equipment and are processed evenly without visible contact points.
  • Parameters such as current density and processing time correspond largely to those of the processing of individual components on contact frames.
  • The processing takes place largely independently of the geometry and weight of the parts. Even very light parts and parts which would be damaged in drums, as well as parts that could become caught up in each other or tangled, can be safely processed in the same way.
  • Materials can be processed and processes can be used which are not suitable for the familiar drum processes.
  • Batch sizes have little influence on the result.
  • Changing the batch can be effected simply, quickly and completely.
  • Within a production batch different part-batches can be separated and can be processed at the same time without becoming intermingled.
  • The filling and emptying takes place outside the "POLIBOX" installation.

Instead of traditional drums the "POLIBOX" system uses loose, shallow, individual containers (boxes) which can be employed singly to hold the parts to be processed. They have a defined length and width and a variable height. The latter is adapted to suit the geometry of the parts to be processed in such a way that the height of the loose parts inside the boxes is limited to approximately four times the diameter of the parts. The boxes are filled in such a way that the movement of the individual parts during the electropolishing process is considerably reduced.

Fig. 1: Filled box
The box ensures a safe and continuous contact of all individual parts and prevents them becoming caught up in each other or tangled.

Instead of a drum, "POLIBOX" installations contain a pivotable axis, along which contact frames are fixed to hold the boxes and ensure they make contact during processing.

To change batches the boxes with the processed parts are removed from the contact frame and new filled boxes are then slotted in.

The cathodes are arranged between the contact frames which are fixed with along their narrow edge to the axis. "POLIBOX" installations are constructed on a modular principle, starting with a single box as the smallest unit, which can then be expanded to two, four, six or more contact frames.

The separate boxes are emptied and refilled elsewhere outside the "POLIBOX" installation. The parts can also be rinsed in the boxes, which ensures a complete separation of the batch during the entire process.

Fig. 2: POLIBOX installation with six contact frames

The boxes can be differently fitted out in line with the parts concerned. There is no limit to the number of boxes which can be obtained. They are also suitable for use as a transport container within a process chain. The filling and emptying can then also take place at other places and at other times.

The boxes can thus be filled in advance and then processed later at the appropriate time.

POLIGRAT provides comprehensive advice for all applications as well as proof of the results to be achieved by processing samples in its own technical centre.

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