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Electropolishing, Deburring, Pickling, Passivation


05/08/12 - Chemical Polishing of Brass

BrassChem by POLIGRAT is a newly developed process for the chemical polishing and deburring of brass. The process combines high performance with low costs ... more

05/04/12 - Biological Pickle Solution for Stainless Steel

As an alternative to the pickling of stainless steel, POLIGRAT offers for the first time with POLINOX-Protect an environmentally compatible, cost-effective and safe process that also ... more

05/01/12 - Universal Electrolyte for Stainless Steel

The electropolishing of stainless steel is frequently used to produce high-quality functional or decorative surfaces. New materials and alloys as well as growing ... more

03/09/12 - Improved Fatigue Strength through POLIGRAT Processes

Fatigue fractures mostly start in a small way at specific crack risers. Then the fracture usually continues to progress steadily but unrecognized, until it finally ... more

10/27/11 - Against the Corrosion of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel or non-rusting steel is usually employed because of its high resistance to corrosion. Apart from alloys and structure, this is ... more

08/17/11 - Environmentally Compatible and Cost-effective - Chemical Deburring of Carbon Steel

Modern production processes must be reliable, efficient, cost-effective and at the same time environmentally compatible. The new Carbochem C 600 process by POLIGRAT ... more

08/09/10 - Grinding of Cutting Edges

Electropolishing using POLIGRAT processes is an efficient and cost-effective procedure for the electrochemical grinding and fine deburring of metal ... more

    03/23/10 - Care for Galvanized Surfaces

    Zink Cleaner by POLIGRAT cleans and passivates galvanized surfaces quickly and thoroughly in a single operation. The surfaces will be metallically clean again and will demonstrate full corrosion resistance. The... more

      10/24/08 - Cooperation: ATECO / POLIGRAT

      Within the framework of a strategic partnership, ATECO Services AG, CH-Rheinfelden and POLIGRAT GmbH, Munich, the two specialists in surface technology, offer a comprehensive combined services package... more

        08/15/08 - Cleaning, renovating and passivating stainless steel in an environmentally friendly manner

        PROTECT-Cleaner by POLIGRAT cleans, de-rusts and passivates stainless steel in a single operation without harming the environment with dangerous chemicals or vapours ... more

          06/12/08 - Electrpolishing of Small Precision Parts

          "POLIBOX" is a new, patented equipment system by POLIGRAT GmbH for the electropolishing and deburring of small precision parts. It combines the advantages of a ... more

            06/02/08 - Surface Technology for Titanium

            Titanium is increasingly used for high-quality, functional applications. Like stainless steel, a suitable final surface processing is decisive in the case of titanium materials ... more


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