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Electropolishing, Deburring, Pickling, Passivation


Chemical Polishing of Brass

BrassChem by POLIGRAT is a newly developed process for the chemical polishing and deburring of brass. The process combines high performance with low costs ... more

Biological Pickle Solution for Stainless Steel

As an alternative to the pickling of stainless steel, POLIGRAT offers for the first time with POLINOX-Protect an environmentally compatible, cost-effective and safe process that also ... more

Universal Electrolyte for Stainless Steel

The electropolishing of stainless steel is frequently used to produce high-quality functional or decorative surfaces. New materials and alloys as well as growing ... more

Improved Fatigue Strength through POLIGRAT Processes

Fatigue fractures mostly start in a small way at specific crack risers. Then the fracture usually continues to progress steadily but unrecognized, until it finally ... more

Against the Corrosion of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel or non-rusting steel is usually employed because of its high resistance to corrosion. Apart from alloys and structure, this is ... more

Environmentally Compatible and Cost-effective - Chemical Deburring of Carbon Steel

Modern production processes must be reliable, efficient, cost-effective and at the same time environmentally compatible. The new Carbochem C 600 process by POLIGRAT ... more

Grinding of Cutting Edges

Electropolishing using POLIGRAT processes is an efficient and cost-effective procedure for the electrochemical grinding and fine deburring of metal ... more

    Care for Galvanized Surfaces

    Zink Cleaner by POLIGRAT cleans and passivates galvanized surfaces quickly and thoroughly in a single operation. The surfaces will be metallically clean again and will demonstrate full corrosion resistance. The... more

      Cooperation: ATECO / POLIGRAT

      Within the framework of a strategic partnership, ATECO Services AG, CH-Rheinfelden and POLIGRAT GmbH, Munich, the two specialists in surface technology, offer a comprehensive combined services package... more

        Cleaning, renovating and passivating stainless steel in an environmentally friendly manner

        PROTECT-Cleaner by POLIGRAT cleans, de-rusts and passivates stainless steel in a single operation without harming the environment with dangerous chemicals or vapours ... more

          Electrpolishing of Small Precision Parts

          "POLIBOX" is a new, patented equipment system by POLIGRAT GmbH for the electropolishing and deburring of small precision parts. It combines the advantages of a ... more

            Surface Technology for Titanium

            Titanium is increasingly used for high-quality, functional applications. Like stainless steel, a suitable final surface processing is decisive in the case of titanium materials ... more


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