Cleaner Metall T

De-rusting and Priming

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Cleaner Metal T cleans, de-rusts and phosphatises (phos-phate coats) iron and steel surfaces in a one-step process.

After treatment a layer of iron phosphate forms on the cleaned surfaces. This protective layer provides tempo-rary protection against corrosion and is a good priming coat for oils and paints. Furthermore this iron phosphate layer possesses good sliding properties (e.g. for deep drawing).

CSG Cleaner Metal T is liquid and is applied diluted with water in the ratio 1:1 to 1:5. Application is by immersion or with a cloth.

The immersion method is used at temperatures between 20°C and 70°C. The treatment time can be decreased by increasing the temperature and by mechanically rubbing the parts with steel wool.

When the treatment is finished (usually after 30 minutes) the surfaces are rinsed with a 5% aqueous solution of Cleaner Metal T. When this solution dries the protective iron phosphate layer with a specific layer weight of 1,0 bis 1,5 g/m² is formed.

The amount of metal removed within 24 hours from deep draw sheet metal using Cleaner Metal T which has been diluted with water in the ratio 1:4 is

  • at 20°C:0,8 g/m² = 0,1 μm
  • at 50°C:2,4 g/m² = 0,3 μm

During the application the working instructions have to be followed and protective clothing and safety goggles have to be worn. The rinse water, spillage and surplus materials have to be disposed of according to the statutory laws and regulations.

Specific weight/density: 1,32 kg/l
Flashpoint: 60° C
State at room temperature:liquid
Application:diluted in ratio 1:1 to 1:5
Working temperature: +20° to + 70°C
Time to act on surface: 30 to 60 minutes

  • reliable removal of rust (no rust conversion)
  • forms a protective phosphating layer
  • no significant material removal
  • de-rusting and primer in one work step


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Single-use canister 5 kg (3,5 l)
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Single-use canister10 kg (7 l)
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Single-use canister 35 kg (25,5 l)
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Bottle1,4 kg (1l)