Poligrat: Creating Added Value.

Finishes Offered

Added Value – Improved Aesthetics!

Highest standards of Functionality and Convenience
The construction and choice of material of a component will determine its function and effectiveness within the field of application. The qualities of the surface define to a large extent the use of the part. The professional processing will determine the suitability, performance and running costs. In taking advantage of our extensive experience in the design and development of your products, we can provide advice and support up to its launch.

With POLIGRAT processes you can achieve:

  • Improved performance
  • Increased product life cycle
  • Improved safety throughout the process
  • Lower maintenance
  • Minimizing of downtimes
  • Improved operating efficiency
  • Improved appearance
  • Improved haptics
  • Higher degree of design flexibility
  • Greater precision
  • Greater scope for design
  • Improved value

Highest standards of aesthetics and haptics
The design of living spaces and products is focused on people and their wide range of needs. External appearance is an important distinguishing feature: the impression of quality in architecture, industry and product design is affected to a large extent by the materials used and their surfaces. The latter combine aesthetics with practical requirements such as suitability and function. POLIGRAT processes offer a broad spectrum of possibilities to fulfill these requirements. They set new accents in the decorative use of metals and allow your products stand out from their competitors.

Decorative Surfaces

Colour, Smoothness and Shine, Haptics, Anti-Graffiti, Easy-to-clean, Structure

Functional Surfaces

Biocompatibility, Creep Resistance, Emission Behaviour, High Frequency Conductance, Corrosion Resistance, Metal Purity, Passivity, Reflection Property (…)


Smoothness, Absence of Burr and Particle-free, Crack Testing, Sharpness,