Poligrat: Creating Added Value.


POLIGRAT currently owns some two dozen active international patents. These secure the market position—not only of POLI- GRAT, but also of its customers and users.

The sectors

POLIGRAT processes are successfully used worldwide in a wide range of sectors for the production of metal surfaces to meet the highest technological and functional or decorative requirements. Many products that are successful today would not have been possible without the technology developed by POLIGRAT. The main sectors in which our processes are used are:

  • Chemistry / Pharmaceuticals / Food
  • Automotive (Automobile and aircraft construction, space travel, railway construction and shipbuilding)
  • Medical technology
  • Engineering and machine construction – Construction technology and domestic engineering
  • Electrotechnology / Electronics
  • Energy supply
  • Research and development
  • Mass-production and precision small parts – Surface technology
  • And others