Cleaner Zink

Cleaner For Zinc Platted Surfaces

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Cleaner Zink cleans and passivates zinc plated steel surfaces in one process step. The surfaces regain their glossiness and full anti-corrosive properties. Weathered surfaces will become brighter. The finish of aged components recovers to finish as new plated.

Cleaner Zink easily removes organic and inorganic matter ( even concrete and concrete clouds) as well as corrosion residues and white corrosion. It is therefore excellent for cleaning trapezoidal sheeting, roofing on houses and industrial buildings, air conditioning piping, steel scaffolding, tanks, girders, stairs, railings, silos, containers, bridges, masts etc.

Cleaner Zink consists of a specific inhibited phosphoric acid with tensides solution and is applied diluted with water in the ratio 1:5 or 1:1 for heavier soiling.

The application can be done by wiping, spraying or immersion. The typical cleaning time is 10-60 min. The surface should not dry during the application. The parts are to be cleaned with water, preferable by using high pressure rinsing units.

During the application the working instructions have to be followed. Protective clothing and safety goggles should be worn. The rinse water, spillage and surplus materials have to be disposed according to the applicable laws and regulations.

Specific weight/density: 1,17 kg/l
Flashpoint: inflammable
State at room temperature: liquid
Application: diluted with water 1:1 up to 1:5
Working temperature: + 10° to + 30°C
Time to act on surface: 10 to 60 minutes

  • rapid and easy recovering of corrosion resistance
  • bright and attractive surface
  • tested as best product in Germany ( by German zinc plating association )


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Single-use canister 5 kg ( 4,0 l)
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Single-use canister 10 kg ( 8,0 l)
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Single-use canister 30 kg ( 24,5 l)
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Bottle 1,2 kg ( 1,0 l)