Strengthening of the Passive Layer

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The anti-corrosion properties of rust-free stainless steel are drastically improved by POLINOX B Protect. The natural passive layer of stainless steel is cleaned and strengthened through deep-acting specific agents. Rust is removed and damaged, corroded or discolored areas are restored. Furthermore even in the vicinity of a weld the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel surface is improved to the point that pickling will often become unnecessary.
The action of POLINOX B Protect is based on the deep-cleaning (iron removal) of the passive layer. The surface finish whether matt or shiny remains unchanged. The surface is also color-stabilized, thus up to temperatures of 240°C no tarnishing occurs. POLINOX B Protect improves all types of stainless steel, even ferritic Cr-steels (>15% Cr). Treated surfaces are approved for the use in direct contact with foods (ISEGA).

POLINOX B Protect is supplied as a ready-to-use solution. The application can be by immersion, trickling of surfaces or pumping through pipes or wiping with a cloth or sponge. The treatment time depends on the state of the surface with optimal improvements being achieved after 3 hours. Longer treatment times do not improve the result but will not damage the surface either.
After treatment surfaces have to be thoroughly rinsed with clean water or fully de-ionized water if required. POLINOX B Protect is not specified as hazardous, it is easy to handle and bio-degradable.
Process temperatures have to be over 50 °C in immersion baths in order to avoid bio-degradation.
The rinse water is acidic and has to be neutralized according to the statutory laws and regulations.

  • improves the corrosion resistivity significantly
  • deep cleaning of the passive layer
  • improves the corrosion resistivity of weldseven without pickling
  • no hazardous good, bio-degradable
  • approved for food industry application


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Single-use canister 10 kg (8 l)

Liquid – ready to use

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Single-use canister 30 kg ( 24 l)

Liquid – ready to use

Card image cap
Barrel 30 kg

Concentrate (extended storage stability)

yields 150 l POLINOX B Protect
POLINOX B Protect K1 solid

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Bottle 3,5 kg

Concentrate (extended storage stability)

yields 150 l POLINOX B Protect
POLINOX B Protect K2 liquid