Sprayable Thixotropic Pickling Gel

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The corrosion resistance and life cycle of stainless steel surfaces are dependent on a thorough and professionally performed final pickling treatment using state-of-the-art high-performance pickling methods that reliably remove potential corrosion sites in order to achieve a dense and uniform, defect-free passive layer.

POLINOX FL Aktiv state-of-the-art sprayable pickling gel formulated according to latest research for large freestanding austenitic Cr/Ni-steel surfaces that can not be treated by immersion processes. POLINOX FL Aktiv is safe and easy to use while guaranteeing optimal results. POLINOX FL Aktiv produces a uniformly clean, bright satin appearance and reliably removes all potential corrosion sites such as scale, tarnish, ferrite, external rust, chromium reduced layers and abrasions.
Depending on the treated material and the treatment time POLINOX FL Aktiv removes between 1 -and 2 µm of the metal’s surface. Repeated application of POLINOX FL Aktiv can be used for metal ablation by pickling from polished (grinded) weld joints in order to prevent induced crevice corrosion stress corrosion cracking.

POLINOX FL Aktiv is applied onto the surface to be treated which must be fat and grease-free and dry by spraying. The use of a POLINOX Spray Pickling unit ensures a continuous, uniform, thin adherent film of the correct thickness.
POLINOX FL Aktiv can be used at temperatures between 10°C and 30°C.
The treatment time varies between 30 to 120 minutes depending on the type of alloy, the surface condition and the surface temperature. The film thickness is 0,15 to 0,2 kg/m² depending on the force of application and the surface condition.
After treatment the pickled surfaces are rinsed with water using a high-pressure rinse.
During the application the working instructions have to be followed and protective clothing and safety goggles have to be worn. The rinse waters, which are strongly acidic and contain metals dissolved in the pickling process, have to be disposed of according to the statutory laws and regulations.

POLINOX FL Aktiv can remain on the surface for several hours, even over night, without causing an over-pickling of the surface or a drying of the sprayed pickle paste onto the surface. Rinsing the treated surface therefore is always unproblematic. This makes it possible to work particularly efficiently as large surfaces can be sprayed entirely with subsequent rinsing of the entire surface or spraying can be done at the end of the day followed by rinsing the following morning.

  • fast and reliable pickling of large surfaces
  • does not dry on surface
  • suitable for metal’s ablation pickling


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