POLINOX Rovi Super

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POLINOX Rovi Super is an additive for pickle solutions based on hydrofluoric and nitric acids diluted with water, for the treatment of austenitic stainless steel and nickel alloys.

POLINOX Rovi Super increases the effectivity of the pickle bath, reduces the environmental problems and simplifies the effluent and exhaust treatment..

How POLINOX Rovi Super works:

  • Special additives achieve a quick and even pickle. This result in significant better pickling results in a shorter time.
  • The build up of solid deposits is reduced. Sludge, which is formed during the process, is not compacted rather than granular. The removal from the bath is easier..
  • The pickle solution will work at metal concentration up or even more than 40g/l at room temperature. This extents the working life of the solutions.
  • The emission of NOx and the consumption of nitric acid is reduced. This significantly reduces the unpleasant odors and contamination of the air pollution.
  • Poisonous hexavalent chrome and nitrite are reduced as soon as it is formed in the solution. This means that the effluent does not require separate chromate or nitrite treatment.

POLINO Rovi Super is a liquid concentrate and is added to the pickle solution in the ratio of 5 l of POLINOX Rovi Super to 100 l of pickle solution. This addition can be made when the metal content of the solution is 5 g/l and 40 g/l.

Ihr Vorteil

  • reduces forming of NOx
  • reduces pickling time
  • improves quality of pickling process
  • no exhaust air scrubber
  • high economic efficiency


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Single-use canister 30 kg (28 l)
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Barrel 214 kg (200 l)
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IBC 1,070 kg (1,000 l)