Pickling Process for Stainless Steel

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POLINOX VA 100 is an innovative pickling process for almost all well established types of stainless steel. It is especially suitable for ferritic steel. Alloys will low Cr-concentration >10% can be pickled without attack of grain boundaries.
Discoloration, welding scale as well as thermal ox-ides are removed on all kind of stainless steel with minimum of 16% Cr. The process can be adjusted to avoid metal removal, so that mirror polished surfaces are not matted.

POLINOX VA 100 is environmental friendly. No NOx gases are generated and many application can be operated with a process setup in a non toxic working range. POLINOX VA 100 does not contain any mineral acids. The pickling process can be operated in closed loop, waste water free mode. The removed metal can be separated as pure metal as far as possible and can be fed back for re-use in the stainless steel production

The high removal rate of scale while low metal dissolving, result in a efficient and economic operation of POLINOX VA 100. Waste disposal costs are significantly reduced if adequate close loop treatment methods are applied.

POLINOX VA 100 is applied in immersion baths or as spray process. The process is a 2 step one. The work pieces are activated in a water dilution of POLINOX VA 100 SK. The consecutive pickling process is performed without intermediate rinsing in a water dilution of POLINOX VA 100 Sk and H2O2. The process is operated at room temperature.
POLINOX VA 100 and the rinse water of the process contain the dissolved metal and has to be treated according to the environmental rules.
The rinse water can be recycled in an special de-signed closed looped waste water system.
The landfill of waste sludge can be avoided follow-ing the rules of closed loop material flow law.

  • environmental pickling process
  • no NOx gases
  • pickling without finish change
  • rapid scale dissolving with minimum material removal
  • suitable for ferrites and low Cr-stainless steel alloys


Card image cap
Single-use cans 30 kg (26 l)

Liquid – as concentrate POLINOX VA 100 SK

Card image cap
Barrel 220 kg (200 l)

Liquid – as concentrate POLINOX VA 100 SK

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IBC 1100 kg (1.000 l)

Liquid – as concentrate POLINOX VA 100 SK

Typical mixture for 100 l process bath

DI water75 l
Hydrogen peroxide (35%)15 l