Since 1952...



1952: Company founded in Munich under the name Hergt & Stöckl, – later renamed Elektrolysegesellschaft mbH, a development laboratory for electropolishing processes

1974: The company name is changed from Elektrolysegesellschaft to Elektrolyse-POLIGRAT GmbH and then to POLIGRAT GmbH
Activities: Development, manufacture and sale of processes for the electrochemical and chemical polishing and deburring of metal surfaces (the company’s core business today) and the construction of electrical measuring and testing equipment (discontinued in 1986)

1985: The Munich headquarters are moved from Chiemgaustrasse 109 to the present offices in Valentin-Linhof-Strasse 19 in the Moosfeld district of Munich
Purchase of Gustav Morsch GmbH, Hildesheim
Purchase of Chemie & Service GmbH (CSG), Rödermark

1991: Purchase of the surface operations of CHEMA, Arnstadt/Rudisleben (service supply agency)
Purchase and expansion of the foreign companies POLIGRAT UK Ltd (Electropol Ltd) and POLIGRAT France S.A. (Decapolit)

1996: Change of ownership following management buy-out
New owner: The Pießlinger-Schweiger Family
Following the change of ownership, continuous expansion of the company’s international presence via holding companies (POLIGRAT USA Inc./30%, POLIGRAT Canada /10%, POLIGRAT Hungary/ 55%), licensees (India, Taiwan) and a network of distributors

2007: Production capacity in Munich expanded to include a new coating process

2010: The subsidiary in Rödermark (Hessen) moves to Darmstadt/Pfungstadt; at the same time, the production capacity is modernized and expanded

2013: Expansion of the production space in Pfungstadt (Plant II): Foundation of the latest POLIGRAT surface treatment center for stainless steel

2015: Expansion of the plant in Pfungstadt to create a production line of special coatings for metal surfaces

2019: Change of shareholders and realignment: The medium-sized, owner-managed KSO Group in Wilnsdorf takes over the essential assets of POLIGRAT in an asset deal and integrates the latest founded POLIGRAT Deutschland GmbH into their company group. This also applies to the subsidiaries in Hungary and England.