Product Information - Service Kit

POLIGRAT Service-Kit

POLIGRAT GmbH has packed together a service kit for repair, cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel surfaces targeting the special demands in the operation of the food manufacturing industry.

The package contains:

for the cleaning of weld seams, especially after welding repair work or maintenance work

for the rapid forming of the protective passive layer on stainless steel after the pickling of the welding.

the enhanced, non toxic pickle cleaner of stainless steel surfaces, for the cleaning of stainless steel surfaces which have been contaminated and corroded by ferrites

the actual best protection against re-contamination by corrosion. Protect Cleaner does not even removes surface corrosion, but stops reliably pitting caused by chlorides. The protective effect is achieved by reinforcing the passive layer. (deep cleaning and ferrite depleting) Each application is improving the reinforcing effect of the passive layer, so Protect Cleaner is ideal for preventive maintenance. Protect Cleaner is approved for application in food handling and food manufacturing.

  • 1 kg POLINOX P Rapid
  • 1 kg POLINOX F Passiv
  • 3 l Cleaner CS
  • 3 l Protect Cleaner
  • 5 pcs cleaning tissue
  • 2 pcs cleaning fleece
  • 2 pcs brush

Product Information - Service Kit